Group Photography Exhibition
David Burdeny, Irene Imfeld, John Mann, Paula McCartney and Stephen Galloway
September 12 - October 31, 2009
Opening Reception for artists: Saturday, September 12, 6-8pm 


David Burdeny
Primarily self-taught photographer, David Burdeny uses long exposures to create meditative images of fascinating natural phenomena.  In his series of photographs presenting grand images of Antarctica and Greenland, Burdeny captures the sublime quality of these continents’ distinct landscapes.

David Burdeny received his MA in Architecture and his BFA in Interior Design, both at the University of Manitoba.  He has exhibited widely throughout Canada and the United States and has participated many art fairs.

Stephen Galloway
Stephen Galloway uses innovative photographic techniques to create large-scale, extremely high-definition images of leaves, pinecones and other natural debris.  Exploring ideas of the ephemerality of nature versus the absoluteness of an ideal, Galloway’s images and process comment on what he describes as mankind’s desire for “the sublime, the awe” as well as for permanence when viewing nature.

Stephen Galloway received both his MFA and BA in Photography at San Francisco State University.  He has exhibited throughout California and is currently an Assistant Professor at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California.

Irene Imfeld
Irene Imfeld is interested in abstracting details of the real world through her photography. Often combining images, she seeks to draw out certain elements of her observations and create new contrasts and relationships.  By looking closely at her physical surroundings, Imfeld contemplates dimensions of time and existence through her carefully constructed photographs.

Imfeld has exhibited nationally and internationally.  Her Relic Series has been presented as a solo exhibition at both the Bolinas Museum Photography Gallery and the Fresno Art Museum.  She has excelled in many photography competitions, including the Print Center Annual Photography Exhibition in 2008 where she was the winner of the Olcott Family Award.

John Mann
John Mann’s Folded in Place series is inspired by 19th century landscape photography.  Mann is interested in the “expeditions made to faraway lands [that] attempted to make those lands more visually accessible,” which occurred during this era.  The mediated experience that occurs when one views an unknown culture and land through image is Mann’s conceptual departure point for this series of work. 

Mann received his MFA in Photography from the University of New Mexico and his BFA in Photography and Printmaking at Arizona State University.  He has exhibited widely throughout the country and has completed residencies at Virginia Center for Creative Arts and the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY.

Paula McCartney
Paula McCartney photographs very deliberately constructed settings and images to explore “how nature and fabricated elements can combine to create a scene that questions what is natural, and whether being so holds any intrinsic importance.”  McCartney uses photography to take control of the natural world around her rather than to document it in its totally pure and untouched state.

McCartney has exhibited throughout the country and is included in many prestigious collections such as Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Walker Arts Center, and Yale University